Saturday, January 31, 2009


Spirals are used to decorate a quilling project.Moisten one end of the strip and wind it around a long a knitting needle. Slide the paper off the needle.

double scrolls

Double scrolls are also used as fillers.Many types of double scrolls can be made.I have given a few examples.


Scrolls are used as fillers .They give fullness to a design and they are easy to make. It can be made from “4”paper. Length depends upon the design.Paper should be conditioned by holding the strip between thumb and index fingers and running fingernail along the length of the paper to loosen the fibers and make it easier to shape.

Open coil –Make loose coil, keeping the edges even remove the coil from the quilling tool and allow unwinding.

V scroll –Take strip of quilling paper .Mark the centre lightly with a pencil or with tour finger nail. Coil both the ends of the paper one by one till the center is reached. Pinch the centre of the paper so that Coils face outside the V.

T scroll. Method is same as V scroll. The unwound portion of the strip is made little bit longer and glued together. It is also called Stem scroll.

Heart scroll—Method is same as V scroll, here the centre is pinched so that the coils face each other and they are glued together.

S scroll—one end of paper is coiled till the centre and allowed to unwind. Next the other end of the coil is also wound in the opposite direction and allowed to unwind. Coils should touch each other forming the letter S.

C scroll---Each end of the paper strip is coiled towards the center forming the letter C.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Start with a tear drop, at the round end push inward a short way.


Start with a closed coil Pinch the coil around the centre with a pair of tweezers, then pinch and push each end towards the tweezers to make the six points.


Start with a closed coil and squeeze the sides gently without pinching to flatten slightly into an oval.


Make a diamond shape .Pinch the next two opposite corners at the same time, creating the four corners of the square.


Start by making the teardrop shape but before letting go of the pinched end push it back into the main part of the circle to form an indentation. Sharpen up the two outside points if required but they can be left rounded.


Make a tear drop. Holding the tip press the round portion of it on a flat surface. Two more points of the triangle is formed. Pinch the points well


Pinch the opposite sides of a loose coil simultaneously and at the same time push the middle portion in with the thumbs


Marquise shape is made. After pinching one point is turned to the left and the other is turned to the right

Marquise or Diamond or eye-

This shape is got when opposite sides of loose coil is pinched


-Make teardrop .gently press the pointed end to one side.

Coil shapes --- Teardrop

Loose coils can be shaped in to different shapes by pinching it. By pinching in more than one spot many interesting shapes can be done
Teardrop-Tear drop is formed by pinching it in one place. Pinch the part where the coil is glued. By doing so glued part will not be seen By pinching in more than one spot many interesting shapes can be done

Loose coil

Procedure of making loose coil is same as making tight coil except for the tension
applied on the paper. While starting to roll more tension is applied and later on tension
is eased a little. This makes coil centers small. After reaching the end; the coil is
removed from the tool and allowed to unwind .A drop of glue is applied to the end and
stuck. This is a loose coil. Loose coil forms the basis for other shapes of coils .To get
equal sized loose coils, rolled coils are allowed unwind inside a circle template of same
size. After the coil has relaxed apply glue and secure the loose end.

Just dip the very tip of a toothpick into the glue and dot it in the center of the strip and swipe the glue dot along the paper strip. Adding a dot more of glue where you need it is much easier than trying to remove too much. Roll the strip till the end keep the roll tight for a while .Make sure the coil is stuck properly before relaxing the fingers. Holding the coil tightly pull the coil from the tool. Do not pull the tool from the coil. This is tight coi

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tight coil --continued

Supporting the paper in one hand and holding the tool in the other hand turn the tool (Figure 3).Paper rolls around the tool. Turn the tool so that the edges of the paper are even keeping the paper as tight as possible. Paper is rolled till the end leaving a small bit.

Tight coil

Tight coil
Slightly moisten one edge of the quilling paper. Pass it into the slotted quilling tool. See Picture 1.A bit of paper is coming through the slot. Pull paper back so that end of paper coming out of the tool is not visible. (Picture 2)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quilling-The paper filigree

Quilling is an ancient art. It is also called paper filigree. Narrow strips of paper is rolled,shaped and arranged to form designs. During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items. Quilling is one of the easiest craft and it is less expensive.

Materials needed
1.Quilling tool .There are two types slotted tool and needle quilling tool. Any one will do.
2.Quilling paper
4.Protractor or scale with circle templates or quilling board and

Quilling paper strips are available in various colours and widths .Most of these come in 1/8”, 1/4” 3/8” packs. Graduated quilling papers and two tone quilling papers are also available. Graduated Quilling Papers offer a unique look to quilled designs. The graduated papers start as a solid colour on one end of the strip and gradually fade to white at the other end. Two-Tone Quilling Papers can offer another unique look to quilled designs. These papers are a solid color on one side and the other side of the strip is a lighter shade of that same colour Quilling strips can be cut with coloured A4 size bond papers also. Instead of quilling tool a toothpick can be used. If you cut the tip from the eye of a tapestry needle and fixed it on to a ball point pen and got a beautiful slotted quilling tool.The needle tool allows to make small centers in rolls and scrolls which produces more attractive quilling.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My flower garden

I have used shaded paper strips to do this design.there are some punched flowers also.