Saturday, January 31, 2009


Scrolls are used as fillers .They give fullness to a design and they are easy to make. It can be made from “4”paper. Length depends upon the design.Paper should be conditioned by holding the strip between thumb and index fingers and running fingernail along the length of the paper to loosen the fibers and make it easier to shape.

Open coil –Make loose coil, keeping the edges even remove the coil from the quilling tool and allow unwinding.

V scroll –Take strip of quilling paper .Mark the centre lightly with a pencil or with tour finger nail. Coil both the ends of the paper one by one till the center is reached. Pinch the centre of the paper so that Coils face outside the V.

T scroll. Method is same as V scroll. The unwound portion of the strip is made little bit longer and glued together. It is also called Stem scroll.

Heart scroll—Method is same as V scroll, here the centre is pinched so that the coils face each other and they are glued together.

S scroll—one end of paper is coiled till the centre and allowed to unwind. Next the other end of the coil is also wound in the opposite direction and allowed to unwind. Coils should touch each other forming the letter S.

C scroll---Each end of the paper strip is coiled towards the center forming the letter C.

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