Friday, September 18, 2009

How to make a tray from a sari box

During wedding time we buy many silk saris. We can convert the sari boxes into beautiful trays
Materials needed
Hand made paper
Pins and


Select a good sari box with lid. Tray is made out of the lid. Lid id used to make template to cut handmade paper

Step 2

Cut thermocoal pieces of same height of the lid and attach to the lid all around with fevicol and pins. Fig 2

Step 3

Open the folding of the box slowly and spread. Fig 3

step 4

Use this as a template and cut handmade paper. Keep the template on hand made paper. Keeping a scale on the line of folding and fold paper and the template together and press. Make cuttings as it is in the template.(fig 4)

Step 5

Arrange the handmade paper in the lid fixed with thermocole.( Fig 5)

Step 6

Stick the handmade paper to the lid covered with thermocole adding bits of handmade paper wherever necessary.Cover the bottom portion of the tray with printed paper.
Cover the joints with 3D liners or ribbons. Now decorate according to your taste.
Tray can also be covered with cloth having nice prints. First cover the tray with template and then cover with a cloth. This makes the tray sturdy.
Small chocolate boxes can be covered and used as photo frames to display quilling work

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fabric flowers.

These are a few Japanese fabric flowers done by me.